Please welcome to the Osienglair primary school called Rainbow Kawasaki (RKS), we provided the general Khmer Education curriculum (kindergarten-grade 6), our school has added two special skills of English and Computer programe. Currently we have a new building for secondary grade from 7-9 of three room, donated by Mr. Masayuki Sato (Japenese generously), but our students still be happy to study. Our school is located in Osienglair village, Kaleng commune, Lamphath district of Banlung town, Ratanakiri-Cambodia.

We are looking to see you at Rainbow School.

 Please feel free and be home to explore our site. 

Children living in Bei Srok (about 30 Km from Banlung City of Ratanakiri), lucky indeed to have a better education (English, Computer and Khmer) under the   support of Dr. Kawasaki and Mr. Rick Dyck family. 

Our school official page on FACEBOOK:Rainbow Kawasaki  School

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