Week One

Tola & Chaklem Teaching Computer Basic DrawingThis year Rainbow-Kawasaki School (RKS) and Ezra Vogel Special Skills School (EVS3) have a special exchange program. After getting approval from our main donor (Mr. Rick Dyck and Dr. Kawasaki). Mr. Sovann Heng, our project manager, selected the top 6 students from EVS3 to come and teach at  RKS.




Every week there are two vogel students come to our school.


On 22 August, first week of the program, Tola Boun and Chaklem Ngem left Banlung City for Osinlair Primary School. This is their first experience staying far away from home.

The two young teachers are happy to share and exchange their knowledge with our RKS students.

This week teach the following applications:

  • Xara Designer Pro 6 (Drawing School and Students)
  • Microsoft Office Excel & OpenOffice.org Calc (Lookup and IF level One)

Mr. Sovann called them almost every night to check the teaching status and how they fell, also asked them to note down their diary.

On 27 August, Mr. Sovann Heng and Mr. Kounthea Thi came and visited our school. On that day Mr. Sophoeurn Sun teaching a conversation on "What is this? This is ... Is this your ...? Yes, It is my ...", Mr. Sovann brought 10 books as the present for English students.

"Who come first serve first", Mr. Sovann said. He has conversation with the students about what Mr. Sophoeurn just taught, who come first and make a good practice of the conversation with him, is going to receive a book.

HERE IS the list of students who won a book:

1 Hao Phearoum M 4
2 Man Lea F 4
3 Boeung Yang F 4
4 Pon Koeu M 4
5 Hoeung Sreikoev F 4
6 Ham Pisei F 4
7 Ma Doula M 4
8 Lay Soeung M 4
9 Noun Sereirat F 4
10 Ean Bang F 4

Through this method, Mr. Sovann want to encourage student, dare to speak, dare to try, to improve their English speaking more quicker.

chaklem ngem showing how 2 use xara drawingthe students practice computer

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