Week Two


On 05th Sunday, September 2010, I pick 2 students up from Banlung City.
Davin Samnang has twelve years old and Panha Ruos has four teen years old.
they were young teacher but they have much experienced in Computer skills

We departure from Banlung- Ratanakiri at 11:45pm and
we arrive Rainbow-Kawasaki School at 13:10pm.
Because the road very difficult(Much raining a few day ago).

Davin Samnang and Panha Ruos, were very happy for help the students in Rainbow-Kawasaki school.
They were teach the following applications:

  • How to turn on and turn off the Computer?
  • How to use Keyboard and Mouse(for the students in grade 4).
  • Xara Designer Pro 6 ( Drawing Fish on the paper).
  • Microsoft Office Excel Level 1 & Level 2 in formula If (=if(... ))2(=if(... ,””,if(...,””,””))) & OpenOffice.org (for students in grade 5). The last day, we have a test about formula If (=if(... ))
    2(=if(... ,””,if(...,””,””)))

We  selected five students whom could drawing a nice fish . And we gave 5 books to as a present for them.

They have the name such as:





01 Him Luong F 5
02 Leoy Day F 5
03 Men Lear F 4
04 Sor Srei Eng F 5
05 Say Nory M 3

On that day Mr.Sovann, Kounthea  and  friends of Sovann they were came and
visited our school and they're ask some English question to the students,
and they were bring some cake and jellies as the present for the them.

For this week the students they were very happy that they have good young teachers
and spend the time to taught  them.

And the next time if the young teacher they have the time they want them come to
Rainbow-Kawasaki School again.

the_students_got_the_book the_students_are_drawing_fish they_are_getting_cake_and_Jellies

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