On 12th Sunday, September 2010, We departure from Banlung town at 4:45pm.

We arrived RKS at 5:45pm. Tola Boun and Chaklem Ngem they were happy to come in Rainbow-Kawasaki School again and the last time for them also, because they were continue to Study at high school.


This week they're teach the following applications:


  • How to use the typing ? (for the students grade 4)
  • How to use the keyboard and Mouse.
  • Have a test about Computer System for them.
  • Microsoft Office Excel in formula (if, countif, sum, average and rank)

The last day we have exams about Microsoft Office Excel & OpenOffice.org Calc If countif, average , Rank (for the students in grade 5 or Group D). and have test Computer theoretic about what is computer? And what is computer created from?(for the students grade 4).


When we finish examination, the young teachers they're teach 2 English songs for the students.

All the students they're very happy for got some Computer knowledges from the young teachers .

And they're thanks very much for young teachers.


After we finish the class, we have take a photoes all together.


          the_students_practice_computer          we_stay_infront_of_the_class


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