Week Four



On 19th September 2010, we departure from Banlung City at 10h30am and we arrive (RKS) at 11h30pm. Dvin Samnang and Panha Rous they come to help the students in (RKS) school again. And it was the last time for them also.


This week they're teach the following applications:

  • Introduction about the program icon(soft ware) in the Computer

    Unfortunately, the Diesel generator was broken. So they're have to exchanged the program (teach only Computer theory).

  • Introduce about the Computer System ( hard ware such as: mother board, HDD, CD Room, Power Supply, Ram, CPU, VGA, Port,...)

  • Typing practice on the Computer .

  • For the last day we have examination about Computer System. And we showed the (RKS) school website and Vogel School website.....

Davin Samnang and Panha Rous they were hard working to help the students in Rainbow-Kawasaki school. When they're finish from Computer class they're always help my family and I to much.

All the students in Rainbow-Kawasaki primary school and I, We are thank you very much for the young teacher(Davin Samnang and Panha Rous) that  spend the time to help our school.


         panha_teaching_about_computer_system         panha_show_the_school_website


         students_typing_computer         we_stay_infrant_of_class                                    

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